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We can make your decision-making easier by using powerful AI to offer you actionable insights into your supply chain data. Identify savings opportunities, improve strategic sourcing decisions, and consolidate data sources across your enterprise.

We help procurement professionals turn insights into impact

Rosslyn Platform

Confident decision making

Transform how you view your data, revealing business critical insights to help minimize risk and highlight inefficiences.

  • Rosslyn Data Factory uses powerful AI and machine learning to free you from the time-consuming process of data processing.
  • Rosslyn Procurement Workspace and its modules give you analytical insights into your procurement supply chain.

Don’t take our word for it

Rosslyn has helped many large enterprises revolutionize their procurement decision making

Trusted by the best to help make them better

Some of the world’s largest companies have stayed with Rosslyn for years because they value the market-leading ROI so highly.


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The High Cost of Bad Data

The high cost of bad data

According to The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), in the US alone, bad, dirty, inaccurate or missing data is estimated to cost companies over $600bn...

Taking your spend visibility to the next level

Rosslyn Spend Management enables businesses to automatically aggregate, enhance and organise both structured and unstructured data.