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Current Vacancies

There are currently no open vacancies at Rosslyn, but we are always looking for talented people in the United States and the United Kingdom across the organization, including in sales, marketing, account management and product development.

Simply email us at with your CV and a letter outlining why you want to join the team. We will get in touch if any new job opportunities become available!

About Us

Why work with Rosslyn?

In a short period of time, we have changed the world of data while having fun - and our job isn't complete. Rosslyn is a place to gain unique experiences and skills. If you're energetic, thrive on change, are a great team player, look for a challenge, and are determined to succeed then we are a great match for you. It takes a certain type of person to work here and we strive to find the best to join our brilliant team.


We exist to make our clients successful. It’s also about supporting each other when help is required such as pitching in when you least expect it.  We think and act as one team though we come from many parts of the world.  We are linked together in a common mission to serve others.

A place of curiosity

Each and every one of us is keen to learn, gain new knowledge and experiences. We apply ourselves to solve the biggest business hurdles facing our clients through technology and the value of data. We embrace failure because we recognise it’s the only way to learn and progress.

A place of vision

We are building not a company, but a movement that is defined by helping people in organisations do exciting new things. Often, we build new technologies to allow us to take a small but important leap forward where no one before has walked.

An industry leader

We've won numerous awards and accolades. We also have a client satisfaction rate that borders on awe-inspiring. Yet, we want to do more, but we need the best, dare to be different people to continue our trajectory of growth for the benefit of our clients.