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The Rosslyn Platform

Providing a single source of truth for complex supply chains

Extraction and Refresh

Retrieving the data via RPA

The Rosslyn Platform promotes continuous improvement by enabling near-real-time refresh. 

Data is critical, so stop relying on manual, excel-driven processes and start benefiting from RPA. 

We're experts at removing the technology complexity that prevents you from using data. 

Freedom from the data crunch

Normalization and Classification

Making sure the data is as usable as possible

Raw data can often be messy, missing, and misspelt. 

To prevent garbage in, garbage-out, our enrichment framework uses AI to normalize and categorize data. 

We turn the mess into actionable, insightful data that makes sense to your business. 

Spend analytics - Achieve perfect visibility

Visualization and insights

Seeing is believing

Within our easy-to-use software, find immediate value via out-of-the-box reports. 

Filter, slice, and dice your data and drill into the detail at any time. 

Creating reports that can be saved for later or shared with colleagues has never been easier. 

Visualize eye graphic

Our end-to-end process

Rosslyn's Procurement Analytics software: 


  • Removes the technological and organizational complexity of extracting data
  • Provides easy-to-use software for all Procurement roles 
  • Helps drive day-to-day activities as well as long-term, continuous improvement
  • Enables Procurement to use data to drive savings, capital management, and risk mitigation

Automatically connecting and extracting from ERPs


Mapping and merging data together from multiple sources


Ensuring the data is correct


Adding new lenses to your data


Standardizing, improving, and reorganizing

Eye icon with Rosslyn 'R' in the pupil

Seeing your data, in your category structure

Visualize your data icon with dissected pie chart

Leveraging out-of-the-box reports that provide immediate visibility

Powered by Generative AI, the Rosslyn Platform transforms your data into insight and intelligence. 

Taking your spend data to the next level

Rosslyn enables businesses to automatically aggregate, enhance, and use data like never before.