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Case Studies

De La Rue sees it all with Rosslyn

With a global supply chain serving its bank note manufacturing facilities in six different countries, De La Rue manages over 2,000 supplier...
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How Rosslyn has adapted to change

Rosslyn has aimed from the start to stay ahead of market changes and implement the latest value-adding innovations in our products. Like any good...
How to discuss AI internally

How To Discuss AI Internally

Artificial intelligence may be a victim of its own hype. It’s certainly a victim of the various myths and rumors surrounding it. Dire prophecies from...
The High Cost of Bad Data

The high cost of bad data

According to The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), in the US alone, bad, dirty, inaccurate or missing data is estimated to cost companies over $600bn...
Safeguarding your Supply Chain

Safeguarding your supply chain

A guide to intelligently mitigating risk in your supply chain The last few years have tested many procurement organizations to their absolute limit...
Technology Disruption in Procurement

Technology disruption in procurement

Disruptive technologies are changing the face of procurement, creating value for businesses, and offering competitive advantages. Watch our on-demand...