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Platform Overview

Our Platform

More than meets the eye

Centralize your documents and data into one intelligent platform. Our AI will automate your time-consuming data processing, giving you clear data visibility, accelerating business critical decision making, and improving productivity. 

A single truth

How It Works

Global companies must manage an intricate network of tiered suppliers, subsidiaries, and divisions in multiple countries, each of which may operate under its regulations, and contracts.

Managing this complex supply chain requires extracting simple truths from multiple sources by cleaning, enriching and analyzing that data, to expose risk, waste, and inefficiences.

Managing this requires Rosslyn.

Rosslyn Procurement Cloud
Freedom from the data crunch

Freedom from the data crunch

Data Factory

Stop ‘garbage in, garbage out’ forever with the Rosslyn Data Factory. Using powerful AI and machine learning, it will automatically extract, transform and load multiple data sources into actionable information.

  • Six seamless stages turn a confusing mess into standardized, enriched data for further more honest and accurate analysis.
  • Let machines handle the time-consuming tasks cheaper, faster and more accurately, allowing you to focus on the big decisions.

Transformative user experience

Data Workspace

See and share more information than ever before with the Rosslyn Data Workspace. Using clean and enriched data from the Data Factory, our Workspace shows you the inefficiencies, risks, and potential savings you never knew you had.

  • Easily view your entire procurement spend as one and with different lenses.
  • Consolidate and rationalize contracts, remove supply chain risks, reward supplier performance,  cut waste.
Supplier Performance Management - Keep your friends close

Powered by advanced machine learning, the Rosslyn Platform transforms your business data into a competitive advantage.

Taking your spend visibility to the next level

Rosslyn Spend Management enables businesses to automatically aggregate, enhance and organise both structured and unstructured data.