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Rosslyn Expands Cloud Analytics Offerings with Acquisition

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Aggregating and connecting structured and unstructured data is now a reality in one cloud analytics platform for complete business insight 

Rosslyn Data Technologies (RDT) today announced the acquisition of Integritie, a British software company that specializes in capturing and organizing unstructured data such as social media, emails, image, and SMS text, for reporting and analysis of customers, employees and suppliers.

The acquisition extends Rosslyn Data Technologies’ cloud platform capabilities, enabling people to make better business decisions by automatically determining customer sentiment and satisfaction levels; reducing and managing customer complaints; monitoring and mitigating supply chain risks; effectively listening and responding to employee issues; and personalizing product innovation by collecting and connecting unstructured data from social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), emails and document archives to crucial internal enterprise data.

Decision-makers are not accessing all the data that is available to them. This data is typically held in corporate IT and document management systems and externally on social media networks. Forrester Research estimates that most organizations leverage only 40% of structured data and 31% of unstructured data for business and customer insights.

“Organizations are failing to tackle business issues and opportunities because decision-makers lack a centralized holistic repository of relevant, ready-to-use information for continuous reporting and analysis,” said Roger Bullen, CEO, Rosslyn Data Technologies.  “The acquisition of Integritie extends and expands our technological capabilities to meet the growing information needs of operational teams seeking to effectively obtain a complete view of their customers, suppliers and employees.”

Founded by former IBM executive, Michael Veenswyk, Integritie’s flagship product, Knowledge Capture®, provides enterprises with a total data capture and case management system that collects, cleanses and classifies unstructured data and enterprise content.  Integritie’s artificial intelligence-powered software enables decision-makers to automate business processes leveraging the Knowledge Capture application, including intelligently handling customer complaints, identifying counterfeit products and conducting real-time sentiment analysis of customers, suppliers and employees.

“The Rosslyn Data Technologies acquisition of Integritie uniquely differentiates our ability to capture and transform both structured and unstructured data into content, building knowledge and enabling actionable intelligence on one single decision-making platform,” stated Michael Veenswyk.  

With the acquisition, Rosslyn Data Technologies will be able to deliver greater business visibility and insight to customers and partners subscribing to its RAPid Cloud Platform, which automatically aggregates, cleanses and organizes data for real-time analysis by thousands of individuals using self-service data management tools.

Today’s news builds on the company’s strategy to provide greater business insight to customers following its announcement with the world’s largest provider of corporate information, Dun & Bradstreet.