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Procurement Workspace

Procurement  Workspace

We do the hard work, so you don’t have to

The Procurement Workspace takes the confusing tangle of data from your suppliers and offers it to you in a single version of the truth. It gives you actionable insights into the risks and opportunities of your organization’s relationships with those suppliers

Workspace innovates how you acquire, consume, and use procurement data,  providing you with augmented decision-making capabilities

Procurement workspace

Simplify the way you work

Rosslyn Workspace automatically aggregates, enhances and organizes structured and unstructured data for you, empowering you to immediately see and share data transformed into practical intelligence. 

Spend Management

Access complex data from multiple sources in one easy-to-use format

Spend Analytics

Easily view spends through different lenses, track down maverick spends, and more

Supplier Information Management

Painlessly improve your supplier onboarding process

Supplier Performance Management

Strengthen great relationships and monitor weaker ones

Contract Management

Identify opportunities, such as rebates, price breaks and discount thresholds

Procurement Workspace - Become something bigger
spend management

Become something bigger

Digitally transform your organization, making your supply chain more resilient, your data more reliable and your operations more robust.

  • Aggregate, enrich, and organize complex data into an easy-to-understand format.
  • Discover the hidden inefficiencies that are holding you back from greater success.
spend analytics

Give clarity to spend data

View spend through different filters so you can tackle issues in complementary ways.

  • Exploit usually ignored data by drilling down to individual line items.
  • Align spend data with supply chain performance, risk, and productivity.
Procurement Workspace - Give clarity to spend data

Taking your spend visibility to the next level

Rosslyn Spend Management enables businesses to automatically aggregate, enhance and organise both structured and unstructured data. 

Trusted by the best to help make them better

Some of the world’s largest companies have stayed with Rosslyn for years because they value the market-leading ROI so highly.

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Don't take out word

Don’t take our word for it

Over the years, Rosslyn has helped many large enterprises revolutionize their procurement decision making

How does Rosslyn extract data?

Rosslyn can support multiple methods from full automation through to templates. Our SAP certified Extract Studio is the best way to automate the extraction and refresh process, using configurable templates to target the specific tables and columns needed. A template file can also be used to upload data if needed.

I’ve got multiple ERP systems located in different regions – can you support this?

Absolutely! It’s one of Rosslyn’s USP’s. Most of our clients have this same issue, the need to aggregate data from multiple sources, using different currencies or languages or located in different regions. We can use a range of extraction methods best suited to the source and through our refresh hub can ensure spend is aggregated together properly.

What ERP systems do you work with?

So far Rosslyn has worked with 40+ different ERP solutions. We have plenty of experience with all kinds of SAP, Oracle and MS Dynamics systems as well as home grown or industry specific solutions.

I’ve no idea how much data we have – will the system performance be impacted if we have a large data set?

Rosslyn’s platform is hosted in MS Azure, which enables us to benefit from flexibility and scalability when it comes to performance. As more sources are onboarded, we can scale the underlying infrastructure to ensure a performant experience for all users

Will my data be secure?

Security is at the heart of Rosslyn. We understand how important this data is, and that’s why we use MS Azure to host our platform. All data is encrypted at rest using AES 256 encryption and in transit using TLS 1.2. Rosslyn is ISO 270001 and 9001 certified with daily vulnerability testing performed.

How quickly will I see a ROI?

Immediately! As soon as data is loaded into Rosslyn, you’ll have new visibility of opportunities which can provide immediate ROI. Whether that’s reducing the tail spend, rationalising low value invoices or reducing maverick spend, Rosslyn gives you visibility to make better business decisions.